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We are committed to provide custom made consulting services for our clients worldwide. The spectrum of our services covers seismic to simulation and economics. Although each case needs special approach and methodology, following categories might be listed:


Exploratory analysis

New venture assessment, basin modeling, mapping and volumetric analysis, prospect generation and evaluation

Reservoir Evaluation by Fast Track Modeling and Simulation


This fast screening method, based on available data, enables us quickly draw general picture of the field and define potential for further production schemes

Uncertainty/Risk analysis

Deterministic / probabilistic modeling, risk analysis, portfolio ranking/analysis/ management, quantification and qualification of risk and uncertainties

Seismic Interpretation and Modeling

Geophysical interpretations, reservoir seismic characterization, seismic inversion

Petrophysical analysis, static/dynamic characterization

Core, log, image analysis interpretation, rock physics modeling, production logging and interpretation, pressure test analysis, SCAL analysis, data integration, field data warehousing

Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Integration of static and dynamic data, developing 3D geological and reservoir simulation models, dynamic simulation, history match, future predictions, design and assessment of field development plan, asset management

Operational Support


Developing and managing drilling program, geosteering, ad-hoc consultancy, providing presentations at technical and operating committee meetings

Services for Petroleum Authorities



  • Sub-surface intelligence for monitoring field-development compliances
  • Technical support for lease agreements or production-sharing contracts
  • Establish multidisciplinary team to audit regulatory compliance
  • Create economic model of portfolio management
  • Asset enhancement to maximize income from a concessions
    • Evaluation of exploration programs
    • Defining structural traps to design appraisal drilling programs
    • Performing basin-modeling
    • Identifying field-development life cycles
  • Reservoir data warehousing