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The objective of geomodeling is to capture geology of the reservoir in a representative static model for dynamic simulation which also shows gross features or detailed characteristics and has capacity of making quantitative predictions.

For an accurate simulation model, each and every step of geomodeling workflow is extremely important.



Our geomodeling workflow is a process to integrate data from various sources, disciplines and scales in a consistent manner to estimate the reservoir properties.

Porosity Modeling

Permeability Modeling

Saturation Modeling


The construction of such a model can significantly increase the value of the data and enhance the decision making process. Ultimately, the value gained in enhanced reservoir model resolution, accuracy and reliability is leveraged to exploit reservoirs with fewer, better located wells and obtain optimized development scheme.

We start building the model by using seismic structure and establishing a broad sequence stratigraphic framework from an initial investigation of the relevant data. The stratigraphic sequence is identified from the well log data and have a reasonably consistent seismic which defines number of zones. After fault and fracture integration into 3D model, porosity, permeability and saturation models are completed to form geological model.