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Fast Track Reservoir Evaluation:


The ever-rising financial and operational goals of operators and HC investors are forcing individuals and companies in oil and gas industry to face all kinds of complex competition and challenges. Coherent, consistent, intelligent and automated sub-surface evaluation workflows are now necessary for reliable and quick asset management decisions and risk evaluation.

Today’s constantly changing global economy requires oil and gas industry to meet with the requirements of highly complex technical and business challenges. Exploration and production organizations need faster decision cycles, streamlined processes and cost reduction to achieve their objectives.

This service is tailored particularly for operators or investors that has limited resources but wants to see the value of their HC asset quickly however accurately by applying geological modeling and dynamic simulation.

Following is the benefits of our fast tracking evaluation services:

1.      Reliable and accurate volumetric calculation

2.    Generate base for uncertainty and risk management including Monte Carlo simulation.

3.      Understand your hydrocarbon asset in terms of better reservoir spots.

4.      Having 3D model allows better operational control.

5.      Make better decisions based on comprehensive understanding of all available data.

Our fast screening method, based on available data, enables us quickly draw general picture of the field and define its potential for further production schemes.

This service has already demonstrated many benefits. 3D models are developed by integrating wire line log, core, petrophysical, DST, production, pressure, and seismic data. After the first stage screening process, if the operator wants to see the result of possible production scenario, reservoir 3D model is utilized for dynamic simulation.






Following is how we can achieve success for our clients:

·        Quick and effective techniques to screen HC asset.

·        Comprehensive integration of all available data to identify potentials.

·        Application of cost-effective tools for integrated modeling and simulation.

·        Effective techniques for data handling.

·        High resolution truly comprehensive visualization