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Project Management


Consultants of T2 LLC have been involved in many international projects.  Our main expertise is in the geological modeling, reservoir characterization, dynamic simulation and development plans. 

We have developed robust workflow steps to integrate geological, geophysical and dynamic data into reservoir models by using holistic approach. We believe that, in addition to technical competence, working with professionals and client in a consistent manner is very important for success. We understand the importance of technology transfer, the needs of professionals of our client as well as corporate objective. We are always open to modify and improve our methodology with our client’s feedback.

We carefully look at our client’s scope, generate an approach and preliminary timeline for the project. It includes main tasks and subdivision of the phases, namely the steps to reach optimum development plan.

We can perform the projects either in client’s office or in our office. In an effort to optimize the time of the consultant, we perform short courses to all interested people before we start on project to generate a common environment for sharing knowledge that has been developed by the team member.


Typical Project Workflow

  1. Study the case, scope and available data
  2. Prepare proposal for the workflow and timeline.
  3. Sign an agreement with client for agreed scope of work
  4. Sign confidentiality agreement, commercial terms and conditions.
  5. Transfer available data to 3D model.
    1. Seismic structure, fault interpretation.
    2. Well data.
      1. UTM coordinates of well hear and trajectory data.
      2. Well Markers.
      3. Well log and core data.
    3. Production data including test results.
    4. Any other data client can provide.
  6. Perform data quality check.
  7. Submit preliminary report for observations and data statistics.
  8. Modify the workflow to meet the objectives under observations.
  9. Complete project.
  10. Present final observations and agree on results.
  11. Present report and make final presentation.